Monday, May 01, 2006

libnaji 0.6.0 and najitool 0.8.0 released

najitool 0.8.0 and libnaji 0.6.0 Changes:

Made najitool smarter, it now detects bad parameters and displays exactly
what was wrong, "command: too many parameters" or "command: not enough
parameters" and displays help for the command that was incorrectly used
in najitool. Valid command detection is now case insensitive which should
make najitool easier to use as well.

Improved the najout and najiout2 functions, when a file already exists
it now gives the following options:

[Q]uit - [R]ename - [O]verwrite ?

Fixed the segmentation fault bug caused on some systems when najitool 0.7.0
was called with no parameters. This was because I forgot to add a check for
parameters in argc before reading 'argv[1]' before the
'if (!strcmp(argv[1], "mp3taged"))' statement,
adding 'if (argc >= 2)' before it fixes the bug.

Fixed the syntax error bug with the rndrange define in libnaji.h

29 new functions were added to this release.