Thursday, February 23, 2006

libnaji 0.4.1 and najitool 0.6.1 released

On the 11th of Feburary 2006, libnaji 0.4.1 and najitool 0.6.1 was released, and now I'm giving the news of it in this blog twelve days later. Whoops, I guess I forgot all about this blog; anyway, three more new programmers have joined the project, and they did more work than me for this release, thanks a lot guys!

I haven't been able to do much programming recently because I've been having headaches for months, maybe I should see a doctor about it. That's also the reason why this release took a while.

You can find out the new functions which were added to libnaji which are used in najitool in this news post of the najitool project in SourceForge. And you can also check the updated command reference on the project's homepage to find out what the new functions do.


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