Monday, May 01, 2006

libnaji 0.6.0 and najitool 0.8.0 released

najitool 0.8.0 and libnaji 0.6.0 Changes:

Made najitool smarter, it now detects bad parameters and displays exactly
what was wrong, "command: too many parameters" or "command: not enough
parameters" and displays help for the command that was incorrectly used
in najitool. Valid command detection is now case insensitive which should
make najitool easier to use as well.

Improved the najout and najiout2 functions, when a file already exists
it now gives the following options:

[Q]uit - [R]ename - [O]verwrite ?

Fixed the segmentation fault bug caused on some systems when najitool 0.7.0
was called with no parameters. This was because I forgot to add a check for
parameters in argc before reading 'argv[1]' before the
'if (!strcmp(argv[1], "mp3taged"))' statement,
adding 'if (argc >= 2)' before it fixes the bug.

Fixed the syntax error bug with the rndrange define in libnaji.h

29 new functions were added to this release.

Monday, April 17, 2006

libnaji 0.5.0 and najitool 0.7.0 released

najitool 0.7.0 and libnaji 0.5.0 Changes:

Help system rewritten into a simpler to write design, and help items
rearranged in alphabetical order so things are easier to find and update
now, also from now on the help items are to be written in alphebetical order.

The "help examples" pages have been removed, but examples as well as
"usage" has been implemented into the new help system, and also
"help commands" has been changed, it now displays the commands from the
najitool_valid_commands array, but it doesn't display it in pages like it did
before, it displays the whole thing in the screen, pausing at each screen
full, which makes it even simpler.

The najitool_valid_commands items have been rearranged in alphabetical order,
and each valid command is on a new line now, so it will be easier to insert
a new command in alphabetical order.

Added a function that generates a help.txt called genhelp, cmdref.txt is
abandoned now, the help information is only stored in najihelp.c, and it
generates the help.txt file so I don't have to write help in two places
now, before I had to write the help in cmdref.txt as well as najihelp.c,
but now I only write it in najihelp.c and the genhelp function generates
a help.txt file, this should save me a lot of time.

Functions added:
mp3split - ARKAINO
mp3taged - ARKAINO
mp3tagnf - ARKAINO

Thursday, February 23, 2006

libnaji 0.4.1 and najitool 0.6.1 released

On the 11th of Feburary 2006, libnaji 0.4.1 and najitool 0.6.1 was released, and now I'm giving the news of it in this blog twelve days later. Whoops, I guess I forgot all about this blog; anyway, three more new programmers have joined the project, and they did more work than me for this release, thanks a lot guys!

I haven't been able to do much programming recently because I've been having headaches for months, maybe I should see a doctor about it. That's also the reason why this release took a while.

You can find out the new functions which were added to libnaji which are used in najitool in this news post of the najitool project in SourceForge. And you can also check the updated command reference on the project's homepage to find out what the new functions do.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

libnaji 0.4.0 and najitool 0.6.0 released

Finally, after over 6 months, new versions of libnaji and najitool were released yesterday, and I hope it was worth the wait. 42 commands for najitool which makes it over 100 commands now.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Programmers

It has been almost three weeks since I have come back from a one month holiday (vacation) in Turkey. Before that, a few new programmers have joined, and have written a few functions each.

There is around 20 new functions written so far for:
najitool 0.6.0
libnaji 0.4.0

They should be released when 10 more functions are written and they are all tested which should be in 1-2 weeks time.

I've only written around 4 functions when I was on holiday (vacation), most of the functions were written before the holiday (vacation) by me and the new programmers.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome to the najitool blog

Hello, and welcome to the najitool blog. My name is NECDET COKYAZICI, I am from Turkey, and I live in London, England. I am the author of najitool, libnaji, and naji_gui, which I have been working on for almost two years. najitool, libnaji, and naji_gui generate, convert, filter, format, and encrypt files, and they also have other misc functions such as math functions and transliteration functions. In this blog, I will hopefully write my progress and ideas everyday, and also some other thoughts I have in my mind about other things.